Tagged! And we woke up 3 days later with radio collars on.

So it seems we've been tagged, which means we are now obligated to post the sixth screenshot that both of us have made.
Here's a link to the gentleman who tagged us: His name is Bob.
A long time ago I made mine, in Molten Core, shortly before we fought Magmadar. Back in the innocent days, when Hunters would get 2 points of ranged attack power for every 1 point of agility, and raids were a pain in the butt with 39 other people. Much has changed since then.

Kate's was on her Hunter, Izsera's, parent server, Moonrunner, we were making a guild there with some of her friends from the My Little Pony Arena (Sidenote: I always have pictured that as something more violent than it really is) and she was having fun with the Guild Tabard maker. Her original name was Medley.

The people we're tagging, although not hunters, are still guildies. Hopefully this doesn't proc some kinda crazy curse.

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Meara said...

GASP! I didn't know you BLOGED! now i gotta watch what I say.... NERF DK'S oops