Carrots + WoW (but no Carrot on a Stick)

For some reason, until today I had never tried to eat a whole carrot. I peeled too many to fit in with the carrot sticks, though, and it was tasty. I might go have another. They make a wonderfully crumb-free gaming snack, and unlike celery don't get stuck in one's teeth or require dip to achieve maximum levels of yum.


Got a very pretty bow for my Hunter and things are going much better with the guild and all. Actually getting some gear now (a cloak and some other stuff besides the bow), and I passed 3k DPS for the first time (I think I was doing like 3.2-3.4, I can't remember off the top of my head, but it was good). Pugs have been painful lately but Jon is having fun with his Unholy-specced DK tank so when he gets home we've already got half a group to finish just about anything.

It's a little sad, though, that even with BM being overnerfed I am consistently first on the damage meters with full pugs (lower if it's a guild group, thank goodness). Sometimes Jon's second, and that's while tanking. I know rep-grinds are a pain, but there really has to be some sort of pre-requisite to running heroics, otherwise it's just a waste of time. Preferably it would be something that taught DKs not to Death Grip everything, Hunters to stop smashing their faces against the keyboard, and Priests to pay attention to their surroundings and move out of the AoE...

I've been working on my Warrior a bit too, it's fun switching from ranged to melee for a bit. She's Arms at the moment but when I log on I will probably switch to Fury just to try it out, now that I have two good one-handers and Berserker Stance now. I might try Fury 30-ish to 60, since I've done Arms up till now, and switch to Protection once I hit Outland. I'm pretty sure Prot is the way I'm going to want to go at 80, since I've had nothing but good experiences with that spec so far (only bad teammates), but I want to make sure I give the other specs a fair chance.

I'm halfway tempted to work on my BE pally and Troll hunter as well, but Hellen (my Warrior) takes top priority since I've already spent so much time on her. Planning on buying her the exp bonus shoulders, too. And I might need to make her some glyphs.

But first I have dinner to make, dishes to do, bathroom to clean, mail to get, among other things. I'm trying to treat 'em all like daily quests...if only I was getting some rep for it. XD

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