baby in need of a heart transplant

EDIT: Looks like things worked out for them--the donation button has been taken down and the website now says: "Thank you for your prayers and support!! Because of you we are currently en route to a transplant facility! Details to come!"

This is the part that really gets to me:

"The baby's parents have health insurance but it does not cover transplants. And the family makes too much to qualify for coverage under Oregon's state health plan."

I can't imagine how horrible that would be, to think you're doing everything right for your family and then find out that you might have been better off if you had done nothing at all. Life just seems so unfair sometimes.

On the one hand, the family does seems to be fairly well off, looking at the photos they have up on their site. I'd like to see more of what kind of effort they're making (selling their home? taking out loans? trying to work out a payment plan with the hospital?). And I can understand why, if it's such an expensive surgery, the hospitals would be unwilling to just do it for out of state patients.

On the other hand, there's no way any normal people have 1.5 million on hand, and he's a cute little guy.

I guess I'm just sort of on the fence about this...I want to help, but I don't want to feel like I'm being taken advantage of. 1.5 million is a lot, do they have any plans for what to do with the money they receive if they don't get enough, or if the baby dies before the surgery?

I'm still deciding for myself, Jon and I will talk about it when he gets home. We won't give more than we can afford, but it's not too big of a loss to us to skip a couple meals out and stop buying oreos and chips for a while, and if what we give helps to save a life than it will be more than worth it.

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