Update on Rosie

Less than two months left to go, and I can't wait! I want this baby out of me, and I think she wants out, too--she's constantly kicking and punching me, as if to say, "Hey! Let me out! It's getting crowded in here!" (It really is.) I'm looking forward to being able to hold her in my arms... and I suspect I may even sleep better after she's born, given how much her kicks keep me awake.

Yesterday we went for a growth ultrasound and non-stress test--both went very well indeed. Rosie was quiet enough for the ultrasound (though even when she's barely moving the techs always seem to think she's being unusually wriggly) and we got to see a lovely picture of... her foot. She's face-down and kind of squished in there, in the same position as last time (when we also got a nice foot view), so it's likely there will be no more cute pictures until after she's born. We did get to see her exercising her lungs, though, which was quite interesting.

The non-stress test was especially interesting, as it was the first one we'd done, and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. The rooms they normally use for it were all full, so since the test was done on the Labor & Delivery floor we got to use one of the regular rooms, which was very nice and now I have a better idea of what to expect when Rosie's born. For the test, they had me lie down on the bed and strapped two monitors to my belly, one to listen for the baby's heartbeat, and one to measure any contractions I might have. The test was to last 20 minutes, and they wanted to see two accelerations (Rosie's heart rate going up from her usual 130ish to 150 or so) in that time... I was warned that for some people it could take up to a couple hours to get enough accelerations.

Well, Rosie is not 'some people'! By the end of the 20 minutes, there had been 9 accelerations recorded... and no one was quite sure whether I'd had any mild contractions or not, since she was kicking the monitors the whole time, so hard that we could see them moving up and down. (It didn't help that I was laughing a bit... she's feisty, and very protective of her space it seems.) So, it seems our little girl is doing very well indeed. :)


Katie said...

It sounds like she and her cousin Mallory have something in common- FEISTY, FEISTY, FEISTY, little girls!!!
Can't wait to see pictures of the little lady when she makes her debut!

Andy M-S said...

Oh, you're going to have FUN!

Tess and I are definitely looking forward to Rosie's arrival. When YOU were at about this stage, we used to sing to you to try to get you to make an early appearance...but you took your time.

I'm glad to hear she's doing well.

Cindy Myers said...

This is my first day of blog entries... I am home sick, and my wife distracted me with this new method of sharing my love with my wonderful family!

Jon and Kate are the best example of a couple in love I have ever seen! They show so much concern for one another, sensitivity to, and awareness of each others needs that it is inspiring. Anyone watching them would want what they have!

I have never seen Jon more happy in his entire life!
The joy between the Jon and Kate has actually increased with the arrival of the talented, lively, entertaining, and beautiful (even if somewhat bald) Rosie!

Life is good and only gets better if we work at it together! Love, Dad