Bento + Bonus Baby Belly

I don't always do fancy, pretty lunches for Jon...those are just the ones I like to show off. Here's his lunch for today--much simpler than the other ones I've posted! (It's a little sad that my fridge has better lighting than my kitchen, don't you think?)

Baby carrots, sliced pickle, peach with yogurt and brown sugar, cold cheese sandwich, and a chocolate hippo cookie--simple and super fast, I was done in under 10 minutes. (And yes, that's homemade bread--I love my bread machine!)

Anyway, I have been scolded for not putting up pictures to show just how large I'm getting, so here I am, posing for the camera:

All right, so I'm not really a whale, but I'm certainly starting to feel like one! Even most of my maternity clothes are too small...and the ones that still fit are a little tight. Thank goodness Jon has plenty of comfy shorts and t-shirts for me to borrow!

Here's a real picture of me--my dad sent the awesome shirt, I love it. :D It's only been a week and I already think my belly's gotten bigger...

And here's a bird's-eye view, proving conclusively that I no longer have feet:

I want it to be April already! =p

1 comment:

Katie said...

A. Jon is lucky to have such a nice wife pack such great lunches for him. (Eric wishes!)
B. Finally, pregnancy pictures! Yeah! What a cute pregnant lady you are. Yes, the last two months are terrible for clothes- nothing fits! It will all be over before you know it!!
See you next week!