Much has been happening this past week.

We were getting ready for the arrival of our newest little one, Rosie, when she decided surprise us! With herself! Panic ensued.

But seriously, no, she's here, she's happy to be with us and we're happy to have her with us, too! Here's some pics. First off, me and her in the hospital together; skin-to-skin contact is very important with babies like Rosie that are a little early.

Second, a picture of her looking at us, she has beautiful dark grey eyes, and hair that seems to be more my color of brown than Kate's.

And finally, Rosie in her car seat snuggled in tight (look at those chubby cheeks!) and her favorite toy, Sisseahorse. Kate thought up the name and picked up the toy LONG before Rosie was born, she's been playing it occasionally for Rosie while she was still in her.

So that's the big news from us, we'll keep you updated and make sure to post more frequently now that things are starting to get settled down!


Rachel Leslie said...

She looks beautiful and healthy! I hope its a good recovery for all involved. Ohwee!

Katie said...

We CAN NOT WAIT to meet the little lady in person!!! It will probably be some time this summer and I hope that she still has those cute chubby cheeks because I just want to squeeze and kiss them! (Uh-oh, am I that crazy Aunt?! The kind that squeezes cheeks!)

TheDAP said...

WHOO! Cute Baby Pics!(Notice the capital letters there...)

She's got some very nice chubby cheeks there! Made me grin!

David said...

She is soooooooo stinkin' cute

Isaac said...

I swear, in that second picture, I can just hear Rosie saying "I just woke up. What are you doing with that camera?"

Meara said...