It's been a good week...

It really has.^^

I have my schedule taken care of, the Thursday lecture was excellent, I'm learning how to play World of Warcraft, and I've been able to hang out with Jon quite a bit. He's just so fun to be around--really smart and really funny--that even when things don't go quite as planned, it doesn't matter, because we can still have a good time. :)

Today was quite fun... I made a horrible mistake with breakfast (I couldn't remember which canister Grandma keeps the pancake mix in, and which one she uses for flour), but it was pretty much edible...we picked up the game, and got it installed...had lunch, played DnD, got lots of treasure and XP and stuff...hung out and played Guitar Hero for a while, got dinner at Subway, played WoW....

I didn't get home till 12:00 or so, so it was a really long day, but it was fun. I feel really happy now, which means it was a good day. :)

I don't think I'll have any trouble falling asleep, though!

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