Crazy Utah Drivers, Part II

So, you just might remember my post a couple months ago about nearly getting run down... well, they're still at it!

I've been noticing more and more how few drivers actually obey the traffic laws...and I haven't seen a single cop. <.< I swear, next time I'm gonna get a shot of the license number.

For instance, last night I was crossing the street--please note that the little white person sign was even on--and a car passed BARELY behind yeah, he ran a red light and nearly ran down a pedestrian. How fun. It happened again like twice while me and Jon were walking around later, too, although not as bad.

But the part that really gets me is, it's not just cars. Now I can understand cyclists not wanting to ride on the roads--although I do anyway, because I have GUTS (which will, I am sure, end up all over the asphalt sometime soon). But here's the thing: they ride on the sidewalk, and bring their bad habits with them. This morning, I was passed--excuse me, NEARLY MOWED DOWN BY four students on bicycles, about five minutes apart, traveling at maximum speed. (I was on my way to school at the time, walking.) The first passed me, on the right, within INCHES of my face and elbow, with NO WARNING WHATSOEVER. The next did pretty much the same thing, and since he came up directly behind me and swerved at the last minute, so I didn't know which way to jump. And the BEST pert? Well, that was the next time it happened. It was a COUPLE, and they decided to ride up behind me, split and go around LEAVING ME NO SPACE AT ALL, and then speed off insto the distance, laughing wildly. (Well, maybe not wildly.)

WHAT IS THIS? I mean, whatever happened to THOU SHALT NOT KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR, EITHER BY THE USE OF A SPEEDING BIKE WHERE IT SHOULDN'T BE, OR THROUGH SHEER TERROR. Because, seriously, that ought to be one of the commandments. <.< Maybe take out the coveting part, no one around here really seems to care about that one anyway.


Yeah, I'm still upset. Honestly, those kids should be ARRESTED. <.<

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