Whoa! Where am I? How did I get here?

Well it would seem that after having dated for a few months, and getting married too, my wife thinks our relationship has finally developed far enough to allow me to post on her blog. I hope it's now our blog, cuz that's more fun. Hmm, I think I'll probably take a while after this post here to play around with what I can do. Test my limits, so to speak. As surprises nobody whatsoever, the bulk of my posts will likely be updates on the various video games that I'm playing or the D&D campaigns that I'm engrossed in. I shall also use this to give updates on any stories I may be writing. As for my love, I'm going to bug her until she starts to work more on her writing. This is kinda weird, I dunno if there's any way to get feedback or anything; I've always been better at writing dialogue than monologues. Anyway, it's raid time for me, Karazhan FTW. I feel like every time I start raiding and get 2 steps forward, something happens and I get knocked 4 steps back. Progress is difficult, but hey, at least I can say I've cleared most of the 25-man raids. Till next time, always remember not to stick the paperclip into the light socket.

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