I melted the toaster.


Not much more to say about that, except that we could really use some more counter space here. I mean, a double sink is nice, but if I have to put appliances on the oven because there's no where else...

eh. I was careless.

Jon wants to start posting entries here now too, make it kind of our gaming blog I guess. Which should be fun, since we've pre-ordered copies of Warhammer Online, meaning we get to test out fun stuff in open beta (starting on the 7th) and start leveling early. I just hope it runs on my computer--seeing how groups work will be half the fun, after all.

And, at long last, pictures of my Night Elf hunter. I don't actually have any with Macavity in them, since I have most recently been working on training a red wind serpent for when I hit 70 and start raids and such. (I'm level 65 right now.) So these are just Izsera and her currently unnamed pet--I'm not sure quite what to call him, though I have a couple ideas so far. If anyone's wondering, he's a Son of Hakkar from Zul'Gurub.

(Screenies were taken in a very pretty part of Stormwind, the human capitol, with all my settings turned up.)

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