Ironic? Funny? Infuriating? You be the judge.

(Note: The 3d models below can be turned, zoomed in and just generally manipulated with your mouse, have fun!)
This has been quite the week for Kate and myself, as far as World of Warcraft is concerned. Now that we're both doing a good bit of raiding, we've both seen quite a bit of payoff. The loot's been dropping for the two of us like nothing. Funny story, though, about her current gun. As you may or may not know, a Hunter's bow, gun or crossbow is extremely vital to their usefulness. They got a crappy one, they don't do crap. They got a good one, they do good. Simple equation. Kate's been lamenting her bow, Valanos' Longbow. Found this cool 3d model somebody made of it even, on

Here's a fun little way to view it. It's an okay weapon, y'know, if you aren't raiding. But she's been jonesin' for something better mighty fierce. So one day, while we're out questing, somebody shouts out their luck at getting Don Santos' Famous Rifle to drop for themselves. It's definitely an upgrade, so after a few minutes haggling she buys it from the gentleman for 1,000 gold. Not a small investment, but well worth it for an upgrade of that stature, she says. She's extremely excited about her new gun, and in the Karazhan raid she's so happy, plugging away bullets like crazy, practically squealing with joy each time its bonus procs. Finally we're up to Prince Malchezzar, the final boss, and we take him down easily, we've got quite a good group with us, and lo and behold, what should drop but the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix.

Now, this bow here is much, much better than the gun that she just bought. After we finish in Karazhan we head out for Zul'Aman, a jungle dungeon with many nasty trolls. So we're ripping through the place, doing rather well, making good time, we even get the bonuses for killing the first two bosses within the time limits! Nothing really stellar drops for us, except off the second bosses' extra treasure chest dropped the Tuskbreaker, a gun that's even better than the Sunfury bow of the Phoenix that she was using before! Just in that little span of time, she bought an epic gun, and then won an even better bow and a gun that's still better than before! I even got to say "I told you so," when she said she was kinda sad she'd dropped the 1000g for the first gun.

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