School and such.

Keeping on top of it. I find I still have much free time. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! and Cromartie High School are nice and absurd and good for filling up time, but mostly I've been sleeping. I find that I have very little energy, but I can stay awake as long as I have something interesting to do.

Our new D&D campaign starts tomorrow; Jon will be picking me up and then I think we'll go and pick up a couple pizzas for everyone first. We've smuggled pizza and soda into the library before; it shouldn't be a problem.

I still have to level up my character (the political rogue) to third level. The extra feat should be quite useful. I think I'll do that after my shower in the afternoon.

For classes, I have half a mini casual essay, three class evaluations, and the homework for chapter 4.1 in math. Not much to do, but it'll keep me busy.

Maybe I'll level my warrior a bit, too.

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Andy M-S said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
you should read your comments--!

Happy birthday to you!