The Last Unicorn

I *heart* Quark film forums. <3 <3

Anyway, tonight's movie is an old favorite of mine--if only they would stop with the ridiculous boobs and the singing. (At least they don't usually have both at the same time? lol.) I can't remember the first time I saw it, but I was pretty little, and so I blame playing waaay too much WoW on how much I was laughing at it. Let me explain: during almost the entire time, my brain was taking the movie and... translating it.

Translating it so that the scene in which Molly Grue couldn't find any wine becomes one in which she left the water in the bank. Luckily, Schmendrick is a mage. Problem solved.

As for the fight scene at the end... well, let's just say that if druids had unicorn form it would be the ultimate example of how NOT to fight as a group.

They spot the boss, Amalthea changes to unicorn form (presumably it has good dps) but is quickly overwhelmed. Lir yells at the mage to do something or he'll kill him--Schmendrick has to point out to the stupid noob that tanking is the warrior's job, not his. The warrior takes this to heart, but has crap for gear (he went up against a giant flaming bull barehanded, for crying out loud!) and DIES. Apparently he's the druid's bf in real life, though, because she gets mad, and with the mage and (I dunno, does Molly seem the priest type to you?) providing backup, manages to take out the bull. Someone rezzes Lir, who seems kind of out of it, Amalthea says something about a good group but leaves rather quickly, and Schmendrick and Molly decide to go level up together somewhere. Yeah, they probably exchange phone numbers, too. But I'll bet you anything Schmendrick is a girl IRL, and the whole thing fizzles out in a couple weeks anyway.

Well, so I was just joking on that last part. But you see what I mean? hehe.


As for elaboration on the grout story---basically Aunt Cathie spent about an hour trying to wake me up to go clean the grout. Yes, with a filthy toothbrush, which she left in my room. (No, it was not mine.) And then the rest of the day was spent bugging me about my room, which eventually got cleaned...

She seems to have a good sense of humor, though, since she asked for a print of the comic.

Which may or may not be a weekly occurrence. We'll see.

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