I finally decided to start making bento lunches....despite the fact that I have very limited cooking skills. Hopefully this will help expand my repertoire a bit. :)

I've ordered a really cute bento box--no, it does NOT have Hello Kitty on it--along with some basic supplies...rice, nori wraps, mini-octopus hot dog maker. I figure I can probably get most of the extra stuff here, or find substitutes, and small stuff really isn't worth paying shipping costs for. I am getting a couple of fun things, though, including little chocolate-dipped mushroom-shaped cookies, and Pocky, and some other assorted Japanese candy.

My box isn't here yet, since I just ordered it a couple days ago, but I've decided to "practice" using Tupperware and mini-foods and rice, though, or anything that needs chopsticks. That's waiting until I get my box. :)

The plan for tomorrow's lunch is as follows:
Bread ~ Mini-pancake jam sandwiches (not sure how this will work, but... cute!)
Veg ~ I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to figure out what flavors will go well, and it's not working. Leftovers from dinner tonight?
Meat ~ Chicken salad would be PERFECT, but unless someone brings that for the family dinner tonight, it'll probably be a rolled omelet. Maybe the colorful kind, even,
Fruit ~ Plum slices; we have a ton of plums downstairs. :)
Treat ~ Something from my Halloween candy swapbox. Maybe Pocky, or a mini Caramilk bar!

The cousins will be getting here soon, so I have to hurry and finish posting. <.<

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, I had a GREAT time last night! Despite being mind-bogglingly tired, I managed to get up in time to get to D&D, only a little bit late (2:25) but pretty well soaked from the rain. My hoodie kept most of it off--can you believe I got that thing on sale for $25? *loves it* Anyway, the game was hilariously fun. I really love this group, it's completely crazy but we all work together really well, and we can be serious and silly at the same time. Of course, this is despite obvious alignment differences... we have a Lawful Good (but not "nice") dwarf fighter who owns her own town, a Chaotic Good (mostly just chaotic) gnome sorceror who can read magic but not detect it, and loves explosions and shiny stuff, a True Neutral human ranger (me!) with twin kukri who works as a bounty hunter, and a Neutral Evil human monk who really likes killing NPCs but hates getting his clothes messy. XD

It's pretty darn fun, and sometimes we'll say the most random things...for instance, "NPCs are not like a movie theater!" from our DM, who was a little frustrated with our (mine and the monk's) attitude that villagers are just XP that has yet to be collected. And there were some pretty funny conflicts of interest, and confusions about what certain words actually meant...some paraphrased examples follow..

DM: He [a human wizard Aklif, the dwarf, was fighting] steps back and begins to make offensive gestures at you. Roll a Will save.
Me: *chokes* ...offensive...gestures...!?!
Monk: He flips her off? Whoa...he must really not like dwarves...
Me: *still laughing*

That one happened several times. XD There was also some interesting confusion about what "interrogation" consisted of...

The dwarf thought it meant taking the prisoners to jail and questioning them.
The monk preferred the idea of breaking a few fingers, and kept count.
The ranger wanted to threaten them with her kukri. ("How fond are you of your ears?")
The gnome asked where a good place to go shopping was... 0.o
The DM suggested a "good gnome, bad dwarf" routine.

In the end, we split the party, with the Good characters taking the prisoners, and the Neutral and Evil characters going off to catch their own.

Of course, the dwarf ended up threatening her prisoners as much as we did.... XD

Other funnies included LOTS of tentacles--and getting caught in the middle of a gang war between Bell cultists trying to summon creatures "man was not meant to know" and members of the M faction who are planning on bringing about the end of the world in another way. (Apparently these factions weren't originally intended to portray Taco Bell and McDonalds. I'm still gonna draw a Taco Bell Cthulhu, though. XD)

After the game--we ended at 7 when another group came for the room, right after I froze the Bell cult leader (and myself) with one of his own magical grenades--the monk (it's REALLY frustrating but I can never remember that player's name!) and I went over to another Quarkie's house to catch the tail end of the Trigun marathon. Onlera (Sarah 2) was there, along with some people I didn't was quite fun, if a bit confusing. :)

I got home around 10:15, to discover a package waiting for Halloween Candyswap box! Decorated with all kinds of cute stickers, and full of tasty Canadian stuffs. Mmmmm, mini Caramilk! And maple cookies and ketchup Pringles and Pocky and Kinder Eggs and TONS of other stuff. *very happy*

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