Anime Randomness

AMVs I want to see:

--The first opening of Full Metal Panic, with the song Houki Boshi
--The Last Unicorn, with the song Ichirin no Hana

Situations I think would be funny:

--Rukia (Bleach) meets Momiji (Fruits Basket)
She has an obsession with cute bunnies, he turns into a rabbit when hugged... =D
--Winry (FMA) meets Lavi (Last Exile)
They'd either hate each other or be instant best frieds. Either way, they boys would be in for trouble.
--Ayame (Fruits Basket) meets Olivie (Angelique) and Narumi (Gakuen Alice)
Actually, forget that last one. I need to go scratch my eyes out now.

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Andy M-S said...

Well, eyes scratched out or not, it's good to hear you're alive and posting! :-)