It's beginning to look a lot like...

...I actually know what to do with a kitchen of my own. Also, Christmas, of course. xD

The past few days I've been on kind of a baking kick--here we have the latest results:

On the left, we have a variation on my dad's ohmygoshsoyummy chocolate chip cookies--I think the recipe he sent me called for a little too much molasses, and I only made things worse by melting the butter so I could stir it in more easily. To make up for the horrific gooeyness, I ended up adding a whole extra cup of flour, and then an extra quarter cup of sugar to sweeten it. The end result was a cookie with a much milder flavor and firmer texture than my dad's, but pretty tasty nonetheless. It was also a little less greasy than usual, and I think it will hold up pretty well in Jon's lunch today--we'll have to see. ;)

The chocolate chips were Hershey's Special Dark, and I had trouble not just eating them out of the bag... yummy!

On the right, we have the remains of a small batch of cornbread muffins I made to go with dinner last night--I had a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix sitting around, so I used that, but I added an extra quarter cup of sugar to get the sweet crust on top (noticing a trend here? hehe) and followed the suggestion on the box to let them sit for four minutes so the muffins would puff up nicely. I think they turned out pretty well--they were sweet enough that we skipped the honey and just put butter on them.

As for Christmas-y stuff, here's a picture of our tree. It's the same artificial we used last year, minus about half the ornaments so it doesn't look quite as overloaded, and I found a tree topper that doesn't make it bend over! It's an oven mitt type thing shaped like a gingerbread girl, which I think goes pretty well with our "peppermint" theme.

I can't wait til Jon's mother gets back from Utah, I have a feeling baking cookies with her is going to be really fun this year. :)


Rachel Leslie said...

not too shabby.

Katie said...

It looks like you are in the "nesting" mode lately. I always get on cleaning kicks. All of the sudden you get a burst of energy to get homey type of stuff done! Your baking looks yummy and I'm jealous that I don't get to make cookies you all of you up in Oregon!

Kate said...

Hehe, thanks you guys!

Maybe it is just nesting, but I hope it sticks around for a while--I feel GREAT and I am loving how much I can get done with all this energy!

I made a loaf of apple bread and some muffins tonight, they turned out yummy but I think I need to stop baking before I run out of counter space... ;)

Cushfamily said...

Kate, this is Cindy and Jay...Coincidentally we made cookies yesterday too and got a little carried away. I'm sure we can cook enough in the next week with Sheri to hold you and Jon over.