It's a Guppy!

About a month ago we discovered that we are going to have a baby! Kate and I were very excited, but also a little scared and nervous. We made an appointment with a doctor as soon as we could, much thanks to the Salem hospital, btw for sneaking us in and also pushing our appointment back from 8:15 to 1:15 when we asked nicely.

The doctor had good news for us and some good pictures, too, so here they are.

Here's the first picture; the darker area is the womb, and the smaller blotch inside it is the baby.

This second picture is from another angle (the CRL1 and CRL2 at the right of the screen are the measurements of our little one), so far about 16 mm long. From this the doctor deduced that she is about 8 weeks pregnant.

OK, OK, I'll stop now; we wanted lots of pictures, so sue us! But we're very excited, and not at all willing to discuss names until we can at least deduce the gender.

(Note from Kate: It's not going to be named Aragorn, Link, or Samus. We promise.)


TheDAP said...

WOO! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing you both brag about every one of his/her achievements once the little tyke is born! Btw, not joking about that, if your not bragging, I'm gonna be all disturbed by the lack thereof. Really. No joke.

Btw, I like babies, helped my first baby cousin learn to walk, and my second baby cousin likes me(sometimes, she can be a bit flighty). Also have a third one on the way, though from a different aunt/uncle pair this time. Make sure you listen to alot of good music Kate! forget classical, teach your baby good taste! : P

Andy M-S said...

Cute critter, though a little out of focus. Has it asked for Reese's yet?

BTW, just remember: "That's no moon--it's a space station!"

Just wait :-)

Kate said...

Thankya thankya all! :D

Does Styx count as good music? (If not...well, too bad. :p)

And nope, Reeses aren't doing much though at least I can still eat em--this little one is a carnivore. He/she/it demands steak! xD

Katie said...

It's a boy- I know it! I craved steak with Elliot and Zachary, but not Mallory. I hope it is anyway, then Zachary will have a little buddy his age in the fam!
Although, if a boy you two will break the a 3 previous family's streak of having a girl first. Hhhmm.... we will have to see!
Congrats you two!!!

Kate said...

Hehe I kind of hope it's a boy, I know what to do with boys!

Boy names are harder to come up with, though...

Cushfamily said...

Congratulations are in order...I guess you better get your game time in now!

Justin said...

WOOTWOOT! I was wondering when we hear about this. =:-D congratulations!
a boy you think? hmm.... how'bout: Ferdinand! =D (JK)
BTY, I will pass the good news on to those in la crosse.

Meara said...

Gratz babe! I think his/her name should be flooflez for now <<; ..Mal you better take care of her!! Or I'll scold you like your mother!