I was not feeling well yesterday... still not all better but not as lousy today at least.

Jon came over to pick me up for church, I told him I felt sick, he just wouldn't leave (I tried!) and ended up just holding me while I fell asleep on the couch. Really sweet of him. He brought dinner in for me later, too, before he left.

So today Grandma decided to lecture me on how rude and inconsiderate I was.

W. T. F.

What was I supposed to do, pick him up and carry him out to his car?

Anyway, in more positive news, I hit level 65 on my Shaman, and tamed one of those awesome blue crabs for my Hunter who is now Beast Mastery instead of survival. And hit 15 with my other hunter. A morning well spent.

I think Jon is upset with me about the invitations....

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